Sunflowers: A Natural Wonder

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August 4, 2019
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Sunflowers: A Natural Wonder

Fields of sunflowers are joyous to view. Their size and colour create a wonderous dreamlike quality on the environment. Sunflower is scientifically named “Helianthus”; Helia stands for Sun and Anthus means flower. The Sunflower is a remarkable flower. Here are some fantastic facts about sunflowers.

1. Did you know that Sunflower is the only flower that uses the word “flower” in its name? They were planted regularly approximately 1000 B.C.

2. Sunflowers grow, on average, 8-12 feet within six months and there are more than 60 varieties.

3. The Sunflower tracts the sun’s movement, from east to west, known as heliotropism.

4. When you look at a field of Sunflowers, you can see why they symbolize faith, adoration and loyalty.

5. The head of the Sunflower is made up of little individual tiny flowers, and one sunflower can have as many as 2000 florets. These florets turn into seeds.

6. Seeds of the sunflower plants can be found in two different colours, striped and black. The black ones are used in our food industry.

7. Sunflower oil has had many uses, including medical paint, softening leather, conditioning hair, animal feed, and bio-diesel. Sunflowers are rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Sunflower oil was also used on wounds.

8. The sunflower plants help to remove toxins from our soil, such as lead, arsenic and uranium. They were used to help clean up the ground after nuclear accidents.

9. In 1983, the largest sunflower head was measured at 32 ¼ includes in diameter.

10. The tallest Sunflower, according to the Guinness World Record was 30 feet and 1 inch, from Germany in 2014.

11. It is always best to cut a sunflower in the morning. Afternoon cuttings may wilt in your vase.

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