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July 18, 2019
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October 2, 2019
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Cut Your Own Flowers – $25 (One Handful)



For August and September, “Cut Your Own” will be open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday  , 8:30am – 8.pm. (Saturday until 6PM)

No appointment needed.

The cost is $25 to cut as much flowers as one hand can hold.

If you would like to take a farm tour, it is included in the cost of your flowers.

We also provide clippers to cut your flowers.

Walk-ins welcome. However – if you plan to come as a group (4 or more) or if you want to cut more than 4 bouquets a person, please call ahead. “Cut Your Own” during the rest of the week is by appointment only.

Kids are welcome but they must be supervised at all times. We work hard to get the farm beautiful and are not responsible for child care.

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