Ladies Night Out

This relaxing Flower Farm Groups Retreat begins in the “Flower Lounge” with a warm welcome by the host and a coffee, tea, or cold drink.

Next, we will tour you through our flower fields, explaining the cut your own flowers process. You are left on your own to take your time, wander, and enjoy the beautiful flowers while choosing and cutting your own flowers to fill your bucket.

When finished, you’ll return to the “Flower Lounge”. Our outdoor firepit will be lit and you can sit and relax. While you enjoy social time, we will create a beautiful bouquet from your selection of flowers.

We hope as you leave, you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, recharged, and of course happy with your own beautiful bouquet!

This experience is four hours – to 30 min. welcome, 90 min. touring and cutting in the field, 2 hours around the campfire. It includes one drink of your choice (coffee/tea/cold drink), a snack, and a small local gift.

Please note:

  • You may bring your own snacks and drinks. A fridge is available for storage in the “Flower Lounge” to store them.
  • The “Flower Lounge” is a covered area with a smaller firepit, swing, and rocking chair. Just outside the covered area is the larger firepit, surrounded by Muskoka chairs and a picnic table alongside.
  • Flower vases are available for purchase at the farm boutique.
  • This is great for birthday parties, bridal showers, and small company retreats.
  • Each guest is provided with a flower clipper and a pail.
  • The cost is $60 per person.
  • Group size is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 people.
  • Upgrade this retreat with a flower arranging workshops for an extra $35 per person. (min. 6 people, max 12 people)

Book this great experience by choosing a date and paying the non-refundable $50 down payment for your group, and your date will be saved.

We will follow up by email to discuss the group size, upgrade, and estimated arrival time (arrival time is flexible)

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